Best Data Room Providers & Secure File Sharing Sites

Check a comprehensive review and comparison of the best free file-sharing sites and data rooms. Choose the best file-sharing site or data room according to your requirements.

How to Choose the Best File-Sharing Website?

File transfer is the process of moving digital files, such as documents, images, and videos, from one location to another. This can be done using either physical media, such as a local laptop hard drive or digital storage solutions, such as Dropbox. If you’re familiar with this process, you’re sure to be familiar with file sharing in this context as well. Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to two different processes:

  • File transfer is sending a copy of a file to another location or device.
  • File sharing is the process of giving other users access to an existing single version of a file over the Internet and cloud technologies.
  • Many existing software platforms may offer additional features, such as password-protecting a document, but this will not apply to every file or folder you may send. Some form of end-to-end encryption is required to keep all shared files private.

The file-sharing site provides a contact form on its website, which can be used as a means of electronic communication. If you use this form, the data entered in the form will be transferred to the Administrator and saved. These include first and last name, gender, postal address, e-mail address, and, optionally, phone number, fax number, country of residence, and company name. The data specified in the contact form are not provided to third parties. The data are used exclusively for the implementation of the request indicated in the text of the contact form.

File storages, as the name implies, operate on files. In such a repository, files are organized into directories and subdirectories (folders); each file can be found by the name and path of nested directories. Files can be added, deleted, overwritten, read, or executed. We are used to seeing such file systems on our PCs and laptops.

How to Use the Best data room providers?

The days when we used thumb or Pendrive to transfer data are gone. It’s time for extreme digitalization, and we have many services to upload our data and access it from anywhere on any device. You can share file links with others so they can access them. There are websites that offer free and premium file-sharing or transfer services.

Hacker attacks, network interception, exposure to virus software, and other threats are becoming more sophisticated and gaining momentum. Hence there is a need to implement information security systems that could protect company data. Virtual data rooms are used to organize collaboration between employees, customers, and partners. Commonly used in real estate transactions, document collaboration law firms, consulting firms, and purchasing departments. In fact, this is a folder in the cloud “shared” for a limited circle of users. The question is how to organize access for counterparties without creating full-fledged users.

Virtual data rooms can be accessed at any time. No one should wait for meetings to answer questions or review reports. Keeping them all in the will give you instant access to important people so they can decide if a startup has enough to move on to the next round of funding.